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Here Are Ron's Most Popular Breakout Programs

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How to Create Outrageously Effective Marketing Materials

Getting the same tired results from your marketing materials?  It’s probably because your website, sales letters, ads, and other promotional materials look like everyone else’s.  Isn’t it time for a change?

In this highly interactive and entertaining session, you’ll discover how to apply outrageous marketing strategies to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to bring samples of your materials to the session and get on-the-spot feedback that will send your response rate through the roof.

In this one-of-a-kind session you’ll discover:

  • 12 specific elements that MUST be in every marketing piece
  • Proven copywriting strategies that will improve the response you get from your materials
  • The most important print component and why most people miss it completely
  • 3 simple strategies to double the effectiveness of your website
  • Over 25 specific examples of what to do…and what not to do in your marketing

This is an incredibly powerful hands-on session you can’t afford to miss!  Find out why Ron Rosenberg’s sessions are always filled to capacity and take your marketing communications from adequate to exceptional!

The Business Success Toolkit: 7 Proven Strategies to Get More Done, Grow Your Business, and Take Back Your Life

These are exciting times in the business world.  There are so many opportunities available for you to grow and prosper. Yet sometimes the weight of your daily responsibilities, the difficulties of finding knowledgeable and qualified staff, and the multitude of choices in terms of technology and resources…make it difficult to know which way to turn.

In this highly interactive and entertaining program, you’ll discover proven, in-the-trenches, easy-to-implement strategies that will help you identify and overcome your own limiting beliefs, create an environment for becoming hyper productive without burning yourself out, and generate multiple streams of income while focusing on what you do best.

In this highly interactive program, you’ll discover proven, in-the-trenches, easy-to-implement strategies that will help you:

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving real results
  • Create an environment for becoming hyper productive without burning yourself out
  • Generate multiple streams of income while focusing on what you do best
  • Create systems to eliminate unnecessary work and inconsistent results
  • Adapt your business model to changing times and new technologies
  • Surround yourself with people who will support your goals and not drag you down

Attendees will walk away with a success strategy plan they’ll complete during the session with specific and proven ideas they can implement immediately when they return to the office!

Situational Leadership: Empowerment that Works!

Business owners involved with marketing, managing, and operating a business need to understand how to get the optimal performance and effectiveness from their employees, vendors, and consultants.  They’re also faced with increasing pressures and are continually asked to “do more with less.” Empowering employees is essential if companies are going to be successful.

This program presents the concepts of Situational Leadership®, an approach to leadership that can help them greatly enhance effectiveness and productivity in their organizations. This model identifies four leadership styles and four levels of follower readiness and shows participants how to match them effectively to produce tangible results in all areas of their businesses.

Attendees will leave this highly interactive and entertaining session with strategies they can implement immediately when they get back to the office.

Marketing and customer service expert Ron Rosenberg will help you discover:

  • The fundamentals of personal leadership and how to incorporate this knowledge immediately into your own business.
  • How to match the four leadership styles with the four levels of follower readiness and apply each one effectively in your business.
  • How to utilize this innovative leadership model to drive performance improvement and handle slippage.

Find out why Ron Rosenberg’s conference sessions are always standing room only, and take your leadership role to new levels of success!

Business Assessment Workshop

To remain competitive while continuing to grow and evolve, companies must look beyond the basics of good management and customer satisfaction.  Leaders must begin to think like leaders and ask themselves the kinds of questions that will help them identify and capitalize upon new opportunities.

This innovative program provides a framework for understanding the fundamental, cyclical principles that apply in all business situations.  Working within this model, organizations can more successfully understand their environment, motivate and retain the best people, and achieve tangible and lasting results!

The program includes a highly interactive assessment methodology to identify the high-impact areas with the great opportunity for improvement, and has a strong team-building effect because of the processes used in the program.

The format will involve a customized team-based self-assessment that will identify relative strengths and weaknesses of the group and produce tangible data to be used for action planning and as a baseline measurement for any future improvement activities.

Participants will identify specific actions they must take both individually and in teams to help the organization achieve its long-term objectives.

A hands-on action-planning session will leverage resources, identify obstacles, and develop a tangible plan with measurable objectives and outcomes to ensure success.

Learning to Fly: A Leadership Retreat!

To be successful, companies need to develop leaders who have a clear vision for their organization and who can empower their employees to achieve even greater levels of performance and effectiveness. But what types of skills do you need to possess to be able to think and act like leaders?

In this exciting leadership retreat, you’ll literally step off the platform and learn what it takes to “fly” on the trapeze at a Club Med resort location. (Other similar retreats can be planned at other types of venues.) By actually experiencing the steps it takes to fly, you’ll be able to more clearly identify leadership styles and follower readiness and how to match each of them more effectively to enhance productivity.

After a welcoming reception the night before, Day 1 of the program kicks off with a formal presentation of the concepts of Situational Leadership®. You’ll learn about the four leadership styles and how to apply each one effectively, how to recognize the four levels of follower readiness, and the critical importance of matching leadership styles to readiness levels. In the afternoon, you will be able to apply these leadership skills as you and your team learn how to fly on the trapeze.

On Day 2, individual 15-minute sessions will be set up for participants to review leadership preferences and style adaptability based on a pre-session 360° feedback exercise. Each participant will receive personalized coaching based on this assessment. Other than trapeze in the afternoon, which is optional, the remainder of the day is free for activities such as golf, water-skiing, sailing, tennis, or relaxing by the pool.

Day 3 introduces you to the Eight Rings of Organizational Leadership™, a comprehensive model for change. By understanding the impact each of these rings has on your organization, you’ll be able to more effectively drive improvement activities, motivate and retain a qualified and responsive work force, and achieve tangible business results. You’ll learn how to think like a leader and ask yourself the kinds of questions that will help you identify and capitalize upon new business opportunities.

This is an amazing leadership retreat you can’t afford to miss!

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