Jim ThompsonJim Thompson, Executive, Association Executives of North Carolina

“Most of you will recognize Ron’s name because he’s presented at various ASAE and the Center events for the last 14 years and is always one of highest rated speakers there. In fact, we had Ron speak at our own annual conference in North Carolina and we asked him to help us with our own conference marketing, and the results we got were incredible. We shattered our own previous record for attendance at any annual conference!”

Larry Leece, Former Marketing/Sales Manager, Modern Metal Processing

“With the changes we made, we now average three to four solid opportunities per month and we’ve been able to close 30% of those opportunities. So if you do the math, we’re gaining 1.2 new customers per month during a recession–in the Detroit region! We’ve increased our business 17% when most of our competitors are down 50-60%, and we’ve just scratched the surface of what we can do.”

Pat Lee, Public Relations Director, FMA International

“Since we started using Ron’s strategies, we’ve seen a profound change in attitude about the marketing that we’re doing, and we’re using his principles on everything! I can’t tell you how much we’ve improved, not only in the quality of what we’re producing, but also the attitude we have towards our marketing pieces. And we’re just scratching the surface!”

Glen Buttrey, Manager, Customer Satisfaction and Quality, Nortel

“I brought the program in primarily to educate the team on the model. What I got as well was a solid team-building exercise that greatly enhanced communication and understanding among the groups that attended.”

Duane Schulz, President and CEO, Now Software, Inc.

“Ron’s style and personal experience led to a really effective session, and the entire team told me it was time well spent.”

Rita Edwards, Customer Focus Coordinator, Exide Electronics

“Ron’s program is informative, instructive, and fun!”

Gene Godwin, Quality Specialist, Sprint

“I have been involved with quality management for the past 12 years and have seen many different deployment strategies. Ron’s approach to quality improvement is the best I’ve ever seen!”

Thomas V. Bennett, CEO, NC Quality Leadership Foundation

“Ron does an admirable job, both in terms of his presentation skills and the content of his talk. In addition to solid expertise, he brings laughter and fun to the task of teaching quality principles and techniques. I have never heard another speaker who does it better than him.”

Judy Young, Director, NC Workforce Development Institute

“During the presentation, I watched the faces of some of the most hardened cynics and, judging by their smiles and expressions, Ron really got through to them. I do not know which was most effective, the context of his message or his delivery. Whichever, that’s quite an accomplishment!

Charles E. Russell, President, Pitt Community College

“The most valuable part of the program was assessing both the performance and importance of the key processes that we use to deliver educational services. Ron worked us hard, stretched our minds, and had just the right mixture of fun and work. He left us with plans we can use to improve the quality of our services to current and future customers.”

Ann Cobb, Personnel Director, Dept. of Environment, Health and Natural Resources

“I expected to be bored to tears, but Ron’s highly participative course design made a dry topic both interesting and useful; it’s a good springboard to our quality effort.”

Alan Duncan, Director, Business and Industry Services, Sandhills Community College

“What a fantastic seminar! It rates an A+ on any scale. Ron’s superior presentation ability and use of many innovative techniques to maintain the interest level in the subject matter certainly contributed to the participants’ learning and retention of the course material.”