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Mark Allen - Executive Director
International Order of the Golden Rule


"We actually had a member who said he was planning to skip the rest of the program, but he was so impressed with Ron that he decided to stay for the duration of the conference. If you want your members to have actionable take-away from your program, definitely get Ron Rosenberg!"


Peter Abraham - Chapter Chair
IAEE New England Chapter


"It was well received by all our attendees here in New England - I would highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for creative and new methods to attract attendance at their events!"


Susan Wiley - President
Meeting Planners International - North Florida Chapter

"I was lucky enough to see Ron Rosenberg at WEC in San Francisco and loved his program. I've got so many tips and tricks that I'm going to take home and use them for our chapter and also for where I work. I'm so excited to have him here. Have him come to you. He's awesome!"

Tom Morrison - Chief Executive Officer
Metal Treating Institute, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"This time Ron came back very highly recommended by our members. They wanted to come by and actually hear about their materials. They say they "Ron-Rosenberg" them. He really offers up an amazingly practical element to how you can take marketing and turn it into something that really, truly generates value and business for your company. And whether you're a doctor, a trade organization or a business of any type, Ron really hits the note every single time in terms of helping your members find a way to get effective marketing. We would highly recommend Ron. He brings energy, he brings funny stories, he makes you laugh. But the biggest thing is that he brings value to the presentation because your members are going to love it when he's done!"

Lori Melocchi - Director, Educational Institute
Meeting Professionals International - Philadephia Chapter - PAMPI

"Ron is one of our key speakers that we utilize for our educational events. He brings to us a multitude of opportunities to help grow our community, bring some best practices, talk about pitfalls and trends that he sees, and I highly recommend Ron for any event that you might hold!"

Michele Martin - Legal Administrator, Weston Hurd LLP
Association of Legal Administrators - Columbus Chapter

"I actually convinced my board, 'You have to see this guy because he is awesome.' I just wanted to say that I was so thrilled to have him here in Columbus, OH. Everyone has walked up to me after the event saying how much they enjoyed Ron, where did I meet Ron, thank you for bringing Ron, and I'm going to take back what Ron taught me. So I wanted to say to the people who will be actually meeting Ron for the first time that it will be an awesome experience. You will be able to take back whatever he gives you and I'm going to push for him to come back next year!"

Corey Mathews - Chief Executive Officer
Professional Insurance Agents of Florida

"I saw Ron Rosenberg speak in Washington, DC, and I could not wait to bring him to our association and have him speak to our crowd. Ron's the guy. Don't miss out, and sign him up today."

Michael Hansen - Vice President, Programs
The Institute of Internal Auditors, Albuquerque, NM

"We had Ron Rosenberg here to speak to us and facilitate training for Situational Leadership - Empowerment That Works! For the time I spent here, it seems like everyone in the class was engaged and had a very good experience."

Lori Kinsey - Executive Director
Meeting Professionals International - Northern California Chapter

"I was lucky enough to sit in on one of Ron's sessions at MPI WEC, and I said that we must get Ron for our ACE. Really thrilled to have Ron here today speaking on two different sessions. We had seating for 30 people by design and had about 70 to 80 people in the space. Happy Ron is with us today!"

Lynne Kopchains - Meeting and Event Planner, Omni Healthcare
Meeting Professionals International - Philadephia Chapter - PAMPI

"We had Ron Rosenberg as one of speakers talking about trade shows and marketing your event and he was phenominal. From the whole planning perspective, he's been on top of everything and engaged in the process and I would really recommend him for any other event you're planning.  "

Jim Orr - Trustee
Metal Treating Institute, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"We had Ron Rosenberg come in. His name came up and everybody said 'Oh my God he was here before. Very got to get him!' He took the time to speak with some of our MTI members ahead of time so he knew a little bit more about our business. The marketing program Ron put together for us got great reviews from people. People came in thinking that their website was up, done, no problems with it, and after we reviewed things we realized we needed to modernize our brochures and lot of the print we had. Everything was about us, and we really learned from Ron that we needed to change and now it's about what we are going to do for our customers. "

Other Testimonials

Jim Thompson, Executive, Association Executives of North Carolina

“Most of you will recognize Ron’s name because he’s presented at various ASAE and the Center events for the last 14 years and is always one of highest rated speakers there. In fact, we had Ron speak at our own annual conference in North Carolina and we asked him to help us with our own conference marketing, and the results we got were incredible. We shattered our own previous record for attendance at any annual conference!”

Larry Leece, Former Marketing/Sales Manager, Modern Metal Processing

“With the changes we made, we now average three to four solid opportunities per month and we’ve been able to close 30% of those opportunities. So if you do the math, we’re gaining 1.2 new customers per month during a recession–in the Detroit region! We’ve increased our business 17% when most of our competitors are down 50-60%, and we’ve just scratched the surface of what we can do.”

Pat Lee, Public Relations Director, FMA International

"Since we started using Ron’s strategies, we’ve seen a profound change in attitude about the marketing that we’re doing, and we’re using his principles on everything! I can’t tell you how much we’ve improved, not only in the quality of what we’re producing, but also the attitude we have towards our marketing pieces. And we’re just scratching the surface!”

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