Everything You Need to Plan for Your Event

Our goal is to make planning your event incredibly easy, help you look good, and ensure that your event is a huge success. To do that, we provide everything you need when you ask for it, Ron will arrive at the event ahead of schedule and make sure the room is set up as it should be so the attendees leave the session raving about the information they received and how fun, energizing, and entertaining the session was!

The items that we’ve included here will assist you in planning your event and arranging the room setup audiovisual requirements. You’ll also find information on bios, introductions, photos, and other details.


For several decades, Ron has worked with associations, businesses, and corporations providing speaking and training programs for their conferences, events, and meetings.

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Audiovisual and Room Set-Up

It’s important to provide the best environment for the programs you include at your events to ensure that participants leave with strategies that can implement when they get back to work. As a result, Ron has provided some audiovisual and room set-up requirements for his programs.

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Ron will bring with him to his events specific introductions based on the program he is presenting. You can also access a generic introduction by clicking on the link below.

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To meet your promotional needs, we have included several photos of Ron that you can include in your marketing materials.

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